Costa Rica Retreat Review

"What I personally experienced during my time in Costa Rica was life changing, affirming and enlightening. I came back a different person, lighter in spirit, calm, more at peace with myself. Connecting immediately to 9 strangers who became instant friends, some of which will remain in my life. My bond with my sisters was woven even stronger with love, understanding and the ability to let go of the things that no longer serve us. The magic of the tropical rainforest and ocean, seeps into your soul and creates a sense of Eutierria, that one cannot describe, you have to experience it. A deep sense of peace remains. Thank you my sweet friend Lorri Ann Code, Bailee, and Rosie for changing my soul, and recharging it!

- Kathleen

Tahoe Retreat Review

Soul Camp Tahoe will forever be an imprint on my heart. What I thought would be a weekend of hiking and yoga turned out to be so much more! As women, we only allow for so much "me" time. Well this retreat was 3 days worth of solely working on my mind, body and spirit with no other obligations in the way. Lori Ann, Bailee and Kat are a beautiful light that exudes positivity, healing and self awareness. I am in completely aww at how I came out of this weekend so clear, focused and most importantly energized! Between, yoga, meditation, workshops and an amazing healthy menu, I don't know how you can't walk away a better version of yourself! I had the opportunity to connect with 12 amazing women, one of which being my best friend, who I will forever be spiritually connected to. I am forever grateful for this experience and will definitely be attending future events all over the world! Do yourself a favor and allow yourself this gift! You will forever cherish it! Much Love

Christina M.

Costa Rica Retreat Review

"Soul camp Costa Rica came as a surprise to me. This was my mom's trip, but her passport didn't arrive in time for her to go. So I found out I was taking her place 48 hours before the trip. The universe works in some pretty magical ways. As much as this trip was my mom's, I was supposed to go.

What a life altering, magical week. I did not expect to meet 7 amazing, strong, powerful and beautiful women. Not to mention the leaders of the group, Lorri Anne, Bailee and Carlene. They all have some pretty astounding talents and together they have created a safe and empowering environment where women from all walks of life can come together in unimaginable ways.

If you are on the fence, don't think about it, dive into this experience with open arms and the rest will blow you away. l am grateful for a renewed perspective on how women can empower one another, an open heart, mind and soul. I left lighter and with a new light. I was able to release some negative energy I had been carrying with me most of my life. Thank you Lorri Anne, Bailee and Carlene for this gift. Thank you for my new tribe, my soul sisters, and forever friends. Thank you for letting me be me and for embracing all of who I am and thank you for the open arms, the light you all share and for the safe and absolutely magical place you brought us all together.

Go....go.....gooooo to Soul Camp. Don't wait for your life to take on a whole new meaning. Love to all of you!!!"

— Megan H.

Sedona Retreat Review

"I'm eternally thankful I choose to go to a Recharge The Soul retreat! I left feeling refreshed and ready to conquer! The tools I learned to use have proven to bring great joy and understanding to my daily life. I had many break thru moments in Sedona and made friends l'll have for life. Lorri, Bailee, Kerri and Crystal were definitely The A team. Throw in healthy delicious meals and you're going to have a wonderful time, just go! I'm looking forward to my next Recharge The Soul Retreat!"

- Rhonda (right)

Sayulita Retreat Review

"Lorri ann and Bailee have helped awaken me to my own journey with spirituality and self love. It has truly transformed my life. My week with recharge the soul was filled with love, laughter, self reflection, gratitude, connection and intention setting. I am forever grateful for my time with them and the amazing ladies I met. re"

- Raley

Costa Rica Retreat Review

"Recharge the Soul is more than a retreat. It's a time to get back to what's important. Self care. To reconnect to our mind, body and soul with like minded people. Lorriann and Bailee love and guide you through so many ah ha moments that you leave with a deep sense of self and gratitude for the next part of your life journey. I recommend everyone take time for themselves and know so much care and love have been thought of for each retreat that Lorri Ann and Bailee do."

- Heather

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