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Lorri Ann Code

Lorri Ann Code is an author, certified life coach, Fit Pro, & clean eating expert. Combining mind, body & soul, she provides sacred space for women to release blocks, move through challenges & call in their highest good. Specializing in helping women achieve their highest potential in life through ReCharge The Soul women's retreats, life coaching, and fitness. You can also find her co-hosting a podcast with her daughter, Bailee Code: ReCharge The Soul.

Offering inspiration, life coaching tools and stories to uplift and elevate your life. She is also a living example of the success. Is there anything more important than your health....mind, body and soul? Health and wellness are foundational to really loving your life, which makes our first speaker perfect for kicking off our evening together.

Lorri Ann Code is an author ( Find Your Mojo- 52 Weeks to Transformation), certified life and career coach, professional fitness trainer, Pilates instructor, and a clean eating expert.

She specializes in helping women achieve their highest potential to thrive in life using a personalized approach through her amazing women’s retreats, life coaching services, and fitness company.

You can also find her on a new podcast which she co-hosts with her daughter, Bailee Code: ReCharge The Soul.

This podcast offers inspiration, life coaching tools and stories to uplift and elevate your life.

Lorri Ann has set her singular focus on helping her clients achieve the kind of overall health that is foundational to their lives. She is also a living example of the success of her methods. She is an IRONMAN All World Athlete, avid runner, and passionate wife and mother....diving into life with both feet.

Founder and owner of Mama Bootcamp since 2006, women’s wellness & health is a corner stone of Lorri Ann’s life. Whether it be coaching women to compete in triathlons or marathons or just wanting to lose 10 pounds and feel better in their bodies, Lorri Ann has created a safe, positive fitness center for women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ages.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle, with accountability & encouragement has led to MBC's longevity and success.

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Bailee Code

Bailee Code (daughter) has had the gift of attending her mom’s local Soul Camps and life coaching workshops since a young girl. Suffering from severe anxiety, self-worth issues, and low-grade depression in her teens and 20s Bailee began to travel throughout the world looking for answers. During her time in South Asia, South America, Mexico, and Indonesia, her eyes were opened to a new perspective in life which led her to a deep connection with her spirituality. After learning the impact of manifestation and the use of simple practices that now have integrated into her everyday life, she was drawn to join her mother on the journey of creating a safe place for women to grow.

A certified yoga instructor, breathwork guide, and leader within mediations to help connect others within their higher self. Bailee is here to show up for each and every woman to share a space of growth. Bailee uses her tools and techniques to work with clients on a one-on-one basis and in the ReCharge The Soul Retreats to create a path for healing, gain relief from anxiety, and reconnect back to their intuition..

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